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Kansas City, MO Gladsone, MOLiberty, MO Kearney, MO Smithville, MO Excelsior Springs, MO Holt, MO Lawson, MO Lathrop, MO Plattsburg, MO

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Pet Sitting Services of KC, LLC

Quality time, exercise & having fun is just as important as providing food/water and a potty break. Your pets get one-on-one attention from a highly qualified pet care professional. Knowledge, compassion and reliability are three of the assets we require of our staff. Each staff member is trained in Pet First Aid & CPR.


We don't charge by the pet, our time is your time. While we're at your home we'll perform the services based on your individual pet care plan. Will we stay slightly longer to take care of a spill or an 'accident'? No problem! We guarantee to give you an honest time estimate to ensure we have plenty of time to meet or exceed your expectations and your pets' needs.


About Us


Creature Comforts is individually owned and operated and takes pride in the pet sitting service we provide. Owner Carol Facklam has successfully grown her pet sitting business to be one of the best in personalized care in the Northland. Her personal touch and genuine care she has for each and every pet makes her a natural in what she does. She enjoys sharing pet nutrition tips, crate training and leash skills with her customers. She studies many publications and web resources to stay on top of current pet topics.


Carol, her husband Steve and two kids have been residents of Kearney, MO for over 12 years. They have had their two furry kids, Tanner (Cock-a-poo) and Lilly (Min Schnauzer) for a few years now. They've recently added Kaycee (Goldendoodle) to their family. She was born on Sept 7th, is a spark plug and fitting in nicely with the family.


Creature Comforts was born out of love for all animals and the desire to provide quality care to pet families and their furry family members.



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Pet Sitters International Member Professional United Pet Sitters member Insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates Certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR



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